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Abonnement 12 mois Freeview, chaîne anglaise



Recevoir les chaînes Anglaises sans parabole est désormais possible !

Iptv, OTT, Peertv

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659.00 CHF HT

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Réception parSatellite
Transmission :DVB-S1
Chaine en HD TVoui
Standard de compression :MPEG2,
Guide des programmesoui
Sorties Péritel2
Dolby Digitaloui
Lecteur de Carte1
Sortie Optique (Audio Digital)oui
entrée FI1

En savoir plus

Recevoir les chaînes Anglaises sans parabole est désormais possible !

Pour tester  votre bande passante suivez speed tes dsl sur la barre ci-dessus

Box TV c'est plus de 57 chaines Anglaises, il vous permettra l'accès à la BBC one, BBC Two, CBBC ...via internet, en qualité HD, disponibles en moins de 5 mn dans votre salon !

Vous ne recevez plus les chaînes de FREESAT depuis le passage à Astra2, vous habitez en appartement et / ou vous ne pouvez pas installer d'antenne parabolique pour recevoir vos chaînes préférées mais vous disposez d'un accès internet ADSL (mini 2 Mbps), alors BOX TV est la solution pour vous !

*Offre strictement réservée aux particuliers pour un usage privé.
Listes des Chaînes Box Tv "Freeview"
Chaines :

BBC1 HD, BBC2 HD, ITV1 HD, Channel4 HD, BBC one, BBC two, ITV1, Channel4, Channel5, BBC three, CBBC, Film4, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, BBC News, Gold, movies4men, 5 Later, CITV, E4, More4, CBS Drama, CBS Action, CBS Reality, Cbeebies, UTV, BBC four, True Movies1, True Movies2, True Entertaintment, True Drama, Drama, QUEST, Challange, Sky News, DAVE, VIVA, 4seven, Al Jazera English, The Vault, 5 USA, 5*, Yesterday, Pick TV, Chart Show, Food Network, Really, RTE One, RTE Two, TV3 (Ireland), TG4, 3e, Horror Channel, Movie Mix, Vintage TV, CNN

L'opérateur TV reste seul responsable du contenu de ses bouquets et de la disponibilité des chaînes incluses dans son offre.


  • Entertainment

    • BBC One logo  BBC OneChannel: 1 (24 hours) BBC One offers something of value for everyone with a range of high-quality, popular programming for a modern UK audience.
    • BBC Two logo  BBC TwoChannel: 2 (24 hours) BBC Two prides itself on a rich mix of innovative, entertaining and challenging programmes, including documentaries, the arts, current affairs, comedy, drama and history.
    • ITV logo  ITVChannel: 3 (24 hours) The heart of popular culture.
    • Channel 4 logo  Channel 4Channel: 4 (24 hours) Award-winning comedy, groundbreaking documentaries, distinctive drama and entertainment with an edge.
    • S4C logo  S4CChannel: 4 (24 hours) S4C digidol is S4C's lively, dynamic digital channel dedicated to Wales and all things Welsh.
    • Channel 5 logo  Channel 5Channel: 5 (24 hours) Channel 5 features programming as diverse as the CSI franchise, The Wright Stuff, Neighbours, Extraordinary People and Milkshake!
    • ITV2 logo  ITV2Channel: 6 (24 hours) Life’s pretty straight without ITV2!
    • BBC Three logo  BBC ThreeChannel: 7 (19:00 - 05:30) BBC is an innovative mixed schedule of news, current affairs, education, music, arts, science and coverage of international issues, as well as drama, comedy and entertainment.
    • BBC Alba logo  BBC AlbaChannel: 8 (17:00-00:00 Mon-Fri, 16:00-01:00 Sat and 16:00-00:00 on Sun) A digital TV channel, available in Scotland, broadcasting Gaelic programmes daily. Programming includes news, Scottish sport, music, factual, children’s and entertainment programmes.
    • BBC Four logo  BBC FourChannel: 9 (19:00 - 04:00) BBC4 brings viewers an alternative and wonderful mix of culture, arts, world cinema, science, history, business and current affairs.
    • ITV3 logo  ITV3Channel: 10 (24 hours) Crafted drama collections from ITV.
    • Pick logo  PickChannel: 11 (24 hours) Pick offers a compelling mix of general entertainment – from quality drama and documentaries to lifestyle and factual entertainment programming.
    • Dave logo  DaveChannel: 12 (07:00 - 03:00) Dave features top quiz shows and cult comedies, including QI, Top Gear and Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Dave is 'the home of witty banter'.
    • Channel 4+1 logo  Channel 4+1Channel: 13 (24 hours) The same as Channel 4 only one hour later, so you don't miss out. Award-winning comedy, groundbreaking documentaries, distinctive drama and entertainment with an edge.
    • More4 logo  More4Channel: 14 (09:00 - 04:30) Lifestyle, documentaries and US drama, from brand new programmes to the best of Channel 4.
    • Film4 logo  Film4Channel: 15 (11:00 - 04:00) The best of British film-making, US independents, Hollywood blockbusters, guilty pleasures, foreign films and cult.
    • QVC logo  QVCChannel: 16 (24 hours) QVC is the UK's leading TV shopping channel, making shopping easy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tune in for the best advice available from experts in the world of beauty, DIY, fashion and electrical.
    • Really logo  ReallyChannel: 17 (08:00 - 01:49) Really is the UK’s leading lifestyle TV channel, providing a tantalising cocktail of honest and entertaining television.
    • 4Music logo  4MusicChannel: 18 (24 hours) The ultimate in music TV, bringing you closer to the music you love with the hottest stars and the biggest charts, plus gut-busting comedy and jaw-dropping reality shows.
      It’s music and then some.
    • Yesterday logo  YesterdayChannel: 19 (06:00 - 03:00) Yesterday is a place where the past is always present. On this channel the past will be evoked in a way that is more vivid and relevant to viewers than ever before.
    • Drama logo  DramaChannel: 20 (08:00 - 02:00) Drama airs a diverse range of critically-acclaimed British dramas featuring stellar talent, many of whom have gone on to join Hollywood’s elite. Watch the trailer to see what to expect on Drama.
    • VIVA logo  VIVAChannel: 21 (24 hours) A unique mix of award-winning comedy, the best in rock and pop and fabulous new programming, VIVA is the exciting new channel from MTV.
    • Ideal World logo  Ideal WorldChannel: 22 (24 hours) Broadcasting 24 hours each day, Ideal World brings you a vast range of goods from fashion, jewellery, gardening, health & beauty and housewares.
    • Bid TV logo  Bid TVChannel: 23 (24 hours) For fast, fun, interactive TV auctions, tune into bid tv and bid for bargains from a fantastic range of branded goods.
    • ITV4 logo  ITV4Channel: 24 (24 hours) A haven of sport and cult classics from ITV.
    • ITV2+1 logo  ITV2+1Channel: 27 (24 hours) Catch up on ITV2 one hour later.
    • E4 logo  E4Channel: 28 (24 hours) Telly with attitude, stuffed to bursting with comedy, drama, US imports, reality shows and plenty fun times.
    • E4+1 logo  E4+1Channel: 29 (24 hours) Catch up on E4 one hour later. Telly with attitude, stuffed to bursting with comedy, drama, US imports, reality shows and plenty fun times.
    • 5 Star logo  5 StarChannel: 30 (09:00 - 12:00) 5 star is an entertainment channel for people who like their drama sexier, their documentaries harder, their movies bigger and their soaps soapier.
    • 5 USA logo  5 USAChannel: 31 (12:00 - 01:00) 5 USA reflects the energy, pulse and guts of the USA’s great cities. 5 USA will be showcasing the best of American TV including The Beast, acclaimed comedy 30 Rock and The Shield.
    • Movie Mix logo  Movie MixChannel: 32 (24 hours) Movie Mix is the home of a broad range of movie entertainment and quality drama series from the UK and US, broadcasting in the UK on Freeview Channel 32.
    • ITV+1 logo  ITV+1Channel: 33 (24 hours) Catch up on ITV one hour later.
    • ITV3+1 logo  ITV3+1Channel: 34 (18:00 - 00:00) Catch up on ITV3 one hour later.
    • QVC Beauty logo  QVC BeautyChannel: 35 (08:00 - 13:00) QVC Beauty is a TV channel dedicated to premium beauty brands and beauty advice. Broadcasts feature QVC’s extensive range of salon and prestige skincare, cosmetic and haircare brands.
    • Create and Craft logo  Create and CraftChannel: 36 (08:00 - 18:00) Create and Craft is devoted to a range of craft pursuits, including card making, drawing, needlecraft, embroidery and decoupage.
    • Price Drop TV logo  Price Drop TVChannel: 37 (08:00 - 00:00) Grab a bargain from the comfort of your own home with price-drop tv. Price Drop TV has the added bonus of being able to demonstrate how each product works, giving you all the details you need.
    • Quest logo  QuestChannel: 38 (24 hours) Quest brings you TV at the Heart of the Action and the programming will be a high-octane mix of quality drama, outdoor adventure series, documentary series and user-generated video clip shows.
    • The Store logo  The StoreChannel: 39 (00:00 - 04:00) The Store is a teleshopping channel with a mix of retail teleshopping content focused on beauty, health and homeware products. The channel also features live teleshopping gaming content from Netplay TV under the programme brand Jackpot247.
    • Rocks & Co logo  Rocks & CoChannel: 40 (13:00 - 18:00) Rocks & Co. is a falling auction shopping channel that specialises in high end jewellery and precious gemstones. The team includes internationally renowned gemstone experts and jewellery designers.
    • Food Network logo  Food NetworkChannel: 41 (24 hours) Food Network UK brings a fresh perspective to the UK food scene by offering an irresistible combination of credible cooking, new ideas and high-energy lifestyle entertainment.
    • Travel Channel logo  Travel ChannelChannel: 42 (18:00 - 22:00) Travel Channel is the world’s leading travel-themed entertainment channel. Through the engaging storytelling and unique perspectives of our presenters we transport viewers to every corner of the globe. Our shows inspire, inform and entertain and tap into the human desire to experience new things, explore new places and engage with fascinating people and cultures.
    • Gems TV logo  Gems TVChannel: 43 (24 hours) Gems TV is a family owned jeweller that specialises in creating exquisite fine jewellery with gemstones uncovered from some of the remotest locations on earth.
    • Channel 5+1 logo  Channel 5+1Channel: 44 (24 hours) Channel 5+1 means you never need miss such great shows as Celebrity Big Brother, Neighbours the CSI franchise, The Gadget Show and some great sport!
    • Film4+1 logo  Film4+1Channel: 45 (24 hours) Keep missing your favourite films on Film 4? Film 4 +1 is now available on Freeview. Giving you another chance to catch the best of British film-making, US indies, Hollywood blockbusters, guilty pleasures and cult classics.
    • Challenge logo  ChallengeChannel: 46 (24 hours) Challenge is the home of ‘contest’. It offers cult shows, world famous quiz formats, innovative new game shows and superb TNA Impact Wrestling action. From original UK commissioned content to iconic classic shows from the past, there's something for everyone.
    • 4seven logo  4sevenChannel: 47 (See description) Your chance to catch up with Channel 4’s most popular and talked-about shows from the last seven days.
    • Jewellery Channel logo  Jewellery ChannelChannel: 49 (24 hours) The Jewellery Channel (TJC) boasts a personal shopping service that offers friendly and professional advice so customers get the most out of their Jewellery shopping experience.
    • Channel 5 +24 logo  Channel 5 +24Channel: 55 (19:00 - 00:00) Channel 5 +24 is Channel 5's new catch-up channel. It will show the previous day's Channel 5 primetime programmes from 7pm until midnight each day.
    • Quest+1 logo  Quest+1Channel: 57 (24 hours) Catch up on Quest one hour later. Quest brings you TV at the Heart of the Action and the programming will be a high-octane mix of quality drama, outdoor adventure series, documentary series and user-generated video clip shows.
    • True Entertainment logo  True EntertainmentChannel: 61 (06:00 - 03:00) True Entertainment is the home of classic series, powerful true stories, dramas based on bestselling novels and heart-warming movies. With an exciting mix of programming its all the entertainment you need in one place.
    • Community Channel logo  Community ChannelChannel: 63 (02:00 - 08:00) Community Channel is the only TV station totally dedicated to highlighting issues from both local and international communities as well as the voluntary and charitable sectors. Programmes like What Can Science Do for Me?, films produced through the Volunteer Filmmaking scheme, Spotting Cancer Early and Mad for Dance showcase the people that go the extra mile every day.


    • CBBC logo  CBBCChannel: 70 (07:00 - 19:00) Offering a broad mix of drama, entertainment, news and factual shows, CBBC is the exciting digital channel for 6 -12 year olds.
    • CBeebies logo  CBeebiesChannel: 71 (06:00 - 19:00) CBeebies is dedicated to preschoolers. Packed full of their favourite characters, CBeebies offers 13 hours of programmes every day which encourage your child to play along and learn.
    • CITV logo  CITVChannel: 72 (06:00 - 18:00) Wickedly playful kids stuff from ITV.


    • BBC News logo  BBC NewsChannel: 80 (24 hours) The BBC's continuous news channel, breaking stories as they happen, with the latest news, weather, sport and business updates 24 hours a day seven days a week.
    • BBC Parliament logo  BBC ParliamentChannel: 81 (24 hours) The UK’s prime political channel - unedited coverage of the House of Commons, House of Lords and Select Committees in Westminster.
    • Sky News logo  Sky NewsChannel: 82 (24 hours) Breaking news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And a whole lot more. Sky News has been voted News Channel of the Year, and it keeps getting better.
    • Al Jazeera English logo  Al Jazeera EnglishChannel: 83 (24 hours) Al Jazeera English is international news that takes you to the heart of the story, with in depth news and analysis from around the globe.
    • Al Jazeera Arabic logo  Al Jazeera ArabicChannel: 84 (24 hours) 24 hour news and current affairs from the Arab world
    • RT logo  RTChannel: 85 (24 hours) RT offers regular news updates and a unique insight into many aspects of Russian history, culture and opinions.

    Local TV

    Estuary TV is only available in Grimsby and parts of North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. Please check your coverage in your area here.

    More local TV channels coming soon

    • Estuary TV logo  Estuary TVChannel: 8 (shut down daily at 12 am) Estuary is a commercial public service broadcaster and will provide local news every day, combined with a varied schedule including current affairs, business, environmental, historical, documentary, films and entertainment programming.

    Text Services

    • BBC Red Button logo  BBC Red ButtonChannel: 200 (24 hours) Press the red button on your remote at any time to enter the world of BBC Red Button.
    • Holidays TV logo  Holidays TVChannel: 201 (24 hours) Holidays TV is a new channel from the broadcast division of the Daily Mail Group. It’s the perfect place to find great value last minute holidays, from the comfort of your armchair.


    • BBC Red Button logo  BBC Red ButtonChannel: 301 (24 hours) Press the red button on your remote at any time to enter the world of BBC Red Button.


    • BBC Radio 1 logo  BBC Radio 1Channel: 700 (24 hours) BBC Radio 1 takes you through your day - playing the best new music, with exclusive interviews, live bands and unprecedented access to the stars.
    • BBC 1Xtra logo  BBC 1XtraChannel: 701 (24 hours) The hottest new black music. From RnB to Drum & Bass, Hip Hop to Dancehall and Garage - and loads in between.
    • BBC Radio 2 logo  BBC Radio 2Channel: 702 (24 hours) BBC Radio 2 combines popular music and culture with a diverse range of specialist music, features, documentaries, light entertainment and live and exclusive recordings.
    • BBC Radio 3 logo  BBC Radio 3Channel: 703 (24 hours) BBC Radio 3 is the home of live music and the arts. We offer classical music, world music, jazz, Broadway and film music, drama, the arts and ideas.
    • BBC Radio 4 logo  BBC Radio 4Channel: 704 (24 hours) BBC Radio 4 offers a unique range of programmes to inspire and entertain you. From current affairs to award winning comedy every week and captivating drama.
    • BBC R5 Live logo  BBC R5 LiveChannel: 705 (24 hours) Dedicated to giving you live commentary on news and sport. Exclusive rights on the all the major sports including the Premiership, and up to the minute news and debate.
    • BBC R5SX logo  BBC R5SXChannel: 706 (24 hours) BBC Five Live Sports Extra is dedicated to pure live sport - the digital home of cricket and rugby, plus extra commentary of football, F1, and tennis.
    • BBC 6 Music logo  BBC 6 MusicChannel: 707 (24 hours) BBC Radio 6 Music celebrates the very best in music. It's a station for people who are passionate about rock and pop music.
    • BBC R4 Extra logo  BBC R4 ExtraChannel: 708 (24 hours) BBC Radio 4 Extra offers pure radio entertainment all day, every day. Hear original radio comedies which became TV hits, alongside comedy classics and the best names on the stand-up scene.
    • BBC Radio Asian logo  BBC Radio AsianChannel: 709 (24 hours) The BBC Asian Network brings you the latest news, sport and issues from a British Asian perspective, with the sounds of current Bollywood hits and the best in British Asian music.
    • BBC World logo  BBC WorldChannel: 710 (24 hours) BBC World Service is the award-winning broadcaster which gets to the heart of global events. Programmes cover news to science and the environment to arts, religion and music of all kinds.
    • The Hits Radio logo  The Hits RadioChannel: 711 (24 hours) Playing the biggest hits right now across the UK.
    • Kiss Fresh logo  Kiss FreshChannel: 712 (24 hours)
    • Kiss logo  KissChannel: 713 (24 hours) A fun-loving station dedicated to the UK's young party people. Playing rhythmic driven music - Urban and Dance.
    • Kisstory logo  KisstoryChannel: 714 (24 hours)
    • Magic logo  MagicChannel: 715 (24 hours) Magic plays more music, less talk twenty four hours a day. Core artists include Elton John, Dido, Will Young, Stevie Wonder and George Michael. This is feel good radio for all ages.
    • Heat logo  HeatChannel: 716 (24 hours) A non-stop mix of music that makes you want to get up in the morning - or stay out late at night.
    • Smooth Radio logo  Smooth RadioChannel: 718 (24 hours) Smooth Radio loves life and loves music, just the way you do. Join Simon Bates, Mark Goodier, David ‘Kid’ Jensen, Andy Peebles, Pat Sharp and Emma B for the greatest soulful sounds.
    • Kerrang! logo  Kerrang!Channel: 722 (24 hours) Playing music with attitude - Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Foo Fighters, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Greenday, Muse, Beastie Boys and HARD-Fi ...... get it all at Kerrang!
    • talkSPORT logo  talkSPORTChannel: 723 (24 hours) talkSPORT tackles all the big sporting issues with an energy, humour and opinion you won't find anywhere else on the dial!
    • Capital FM logo  Capital FMChannel: 724 (24 hours) Capital FM offers the very best Hit Music, the hottest showbiz & artist interviews, massive money-can’t-buy competitions, up-to-date local news and traffic & travel throughout the day.
    • Premier Radio logo  Premier RadioChannel: 725 (24 hours) Premier Christian Radio brings you inspirational teachings and debate, Christian and Gospel music and the latest news from a Christian perspective.
    • U105 logo  U105Channel: 726 (24 hours) U105 is a Belfast based radio station, providing a mix of music and speech as well as hourly news bulletins.
    • Absolute Radio logo  Absolute RadioChannel: 727 (24 hours) Discover Real Music. Absolute Radio guarantees to help you rediscover more music than any other station.
    • Heart logo  HeartChannel: 728 (24 hours) There's no better way to lift your mood than by tuning into Heart. From the Sugababes and Kelly Clarkson to Sister Sledge and Barry White, Heart plays music that's guaranteed to make you feel good.


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