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The African Bouquet, 6 month subscription tv without satellite antenna channel



available in 6 month subscription, but available by subscription a year on the links below

Get the tv channels, African bouquet without antenna satellite, in Switzerland, 6 month subscription, decoder in options in accessory

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 Bouquet African in Switzerland

Receive the African bouquet without antenna satellite tv channels, 6 month subscription, decoder in options in accessory


More than 20 large chains African, 11 French-speaking African countries

Internet connection in reception 2 Mbps and traffique without limit is required!

02/05/2014 Hollywood tv new


Pan Africa


Burkina Faso


Côte d'Ivoire


 Africable Télévision - Afrique -

 Nollywood TV







 RD Congo









Africable Télévision


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Africable Télévision

Africable TV - Africa

The chain of the continent

Africable TV is a General Pan-African channel, the first of its kind in Africa.

From Dakar to Djibouti, passing through Bamako or Johannesburg. From Casablanca to Brazzaville in making stopover in Kigali... TV series is the string of the Continent.

Africable knows how to put at the disposal of all Africans, topicality of the continent.

 TRACE Africa

TRACE Africa - Africa

TRACE Africa, We Love African Music!

Africa is the last born of the TRACE group.

The new music channel is entirely dedicated to the music and African cultures with the greatest hits of African music from the classics to the most recent form of clips (90%), concerts and documentaries.
The chain offers the best musical programming of the African sounds from throughout Africa (francophone, anglophone and lusophone): Coupé décalé, Afro pop, makossa, no dombolo, kizomba, kwaito house...



ORTB - Benin

Your partner for large events

The television channel offers programmes of information, cultural and educational entertainment.

Among other things, broadcasts two JT in french daily, a spoken newspaper, debates, the record of the Council of Ministers, documentaries, as well as magazines like Wanrou aimed to publicize the worship resources and ongoing development initiative in the benign North but also Espace Francophone or even space UEMOA.



RTB - Burkina Faso

Always at the heart of major events

The RTB offers many magazines: Culture, health, Sport, economy, youth Magazine, Information with JT in french and national languages including flashes info Lobiri, Bwamu, Gulmancema, and in Bissa.

As a generalist African tv, its mission is to ensure the public service throughout all the territory, to support and participate in the programmes of economic and social development, and to contribute to the promotion and dissemination of culture Burkina Faso through the world.


Canal 2 International

Canal 2 International - Cameroon

Increasingly near you

With the string of TV canal 2 international, find the Cameroonian and international news live, all African and international sports information and all your favorite magazines, sport, music, series, programs for all ages.



CRTV - Cameroon

CRTV-TV broadcasts its programming on weekdays from 6 o'clock in the morning at two o'clock in the morning. It offers very many JT and talk shows, but also magazines on sport and music, among others.

The Cameroonian CRTV-TV television, broadcasts from December 23, 1985. It is the only channel of public television of the country and it was long the only licensed to Cameroon television channel.



Equinoxe TV

Equinox TV - Cameroon

Beyond the image, we realize

Equinox TV offers information, sports, entertainment, games, music.




STV 2 - Cameroon

STV 2 offers numerous series, news and cultural and musical magazines.



Télé Congo

Tele Congo - Congo Brazzaville

Tele Congo is a public channel owned 100% by the broadcasting Television Congolaise (RTC), public broadcasting company and the Congolese State television.



Models1 - Côte d'Ivoire

The chain that brings together

General channel with information, news magazines, programs for children, entertainment.


Gabon Télévision

TV - Gabon Gabon

Gabon TV is the first channel of the Gabonese television broadcasting.



RTG - Guinea

RTG TV that brings together you and which looks like you



RTNC - Democratic Republic of the Congo

Closer and further away at the same time. And serve you is our duty.

The TRNC is a Congolese public television channel offering entertainment, television talk-show, cultural programs...




The ORTM offers many magazines on the Malian culture, music, magazines of societies, the Malian serials and also sport and entertainment. It broadcasts several news flashes and weather during the day with national and international news.
The ORTM broadcasts about 80% of its information in french, the remaining 20% are in local languages.


2sTV - SenegalRTNC

The African channel 2STV essentially offers cultural programs, interviews with local stars, music and talk shows. Its programmes are broadcast mainly in wolof.

The 2sTV also offers numerous series and a magazine on sport "Sport 2s".
2sTV, television... otherwise.


RTS 1 - Senegal  RTNC

Like any general African channel, RTS 1 offers information, sport, entertainment, magazines, local series.

The midday newscast airs every day at 1 p.m. in french and national languages. It offers many magazines on health, the environment, Religion. The RTS broadcasts local television films.

Sen Tv - Senegal  RTNC

The first tv of senegal


Sen Tv - Senegal  tfm

Television future media (TFM) with its slogan "the mirror of Senegal" is an entirely private general interest channel. Financed from own funds by the singer and Senegalese businessman, Youssou Ndour, she is the last born (May 11, 2010) the Group future media, which had, before his Ascension, the viewer tabloid, first daily newspaper of the country, and the RFM, first radio dakaroises areas.

TFM wants free and professes no Chapel, otherwise that of ethics and equity. Made for the Senegalese, it opens to Africa and the rest of the world.



LCF - Togo  LCF


Subsidiary of South Media, equipped with State of the art equipment, CFL is a television approach based on the all-digital, from production to dissemination; its structure is the first digital platform of dissemination and exploitation DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) in sub-Saharan Africa.
The string of the future aims to show the image but above all the spirit of Togo to Africa and the world.

The proposed TV channels are different between the supply of the Bouquet African in France and offer the Box Bouquet African in the European Union (excluding France).


TV operator remains solely responsible for the content of his bouquets and the availability of channels included in its offer.


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