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    Since the merger of Canalsat and TPS, BIS Télévisions has been the only offer of satellite themed channels for France and the French, competing with the Canal Group.

    Subscribers are free to use their own equipment, provided it is compatible, and opt for the monthly debit or cash payment year-round.

    A choice of formulas tailored to each individual's needs

    With formulas starting at only 4.99/m, the BIS TV package allows access, via satellite, to a selection of thematic channels including all those of AB Group.

    With Bis TV Panorama, access the best generalist and entertainment channels for cable and TNT: TF1, M6, D8, W9, TMC, RTL9

    Find the essentials of the youth programs, on Gulli, Mangas or Game One, and refuel with culture and discovery with the channels Animals, Encyclo, All History ...

    The Panorama subscription also offers a choice of specialized sports channels, with AB Motors for motorsports and Equidia Live, the channel entirely dedicated to racing.

    The Cinesport formula combines a selection of 3 major Cinema channels with Golf channel, the 100% Golf channel.

    With the Night option and its 2 cult channels, XXL and Dorcel, let yourself be drawn into a universe dedicated to eroticism and seduction.

    All of the packages on offer include free TNT channels.

    Some channels are exclusively available via the Eutelsat W5 (Atlantic Bird 3) satellite: HD1, 6ter, RMC Discovery, Darling 25, Team 21 and No.23, as well as Canal (clear programmes), and Itélé

    Bis TV offers its programmes on 2 satellites, for a solution tailored to each individual's needs

    The Hotbird satellite offers a large number of French or international channels, either in the clear or as part of paid packages.

    To access the various Bis TV subscription plans, if you are not already, all you need is an HD satellite receiver, DVBS-2, MPEG4 with Viaccess player.

    Bis TV subscription cards require a state-of-the-art VIACCESS card reader, preferably ACS 3.X

    Bis Television-compatible receivers are "open" upon receipt of all satellites, and may, depending on the model, be compatible with several other pay-TV offerings.

    The HotBird satellite covers the European continent, North Africa and can reach the far east. The channels France 24 and TV5 Monde, are transmitted in free-to-air on this satellite. If you are an expatriate French, in addition to the thematic channels on offer, with Bis TV you will be able to watch TV as if you were at home.

    Bis TV on Atlantic Bird 3: access your favourite themed channels directly on your FRANSAT card

    If you are equipped with a Fransat receiver, whether in simple definition or HD compatible (High definition), it is possible to subscribe to one or more packs of Bis TV options, to be combined freely, depending on your desires. Combine the different formulas at leisure: Panorama, Cinesport and Night, or opt for the complete bouquet with the Ultimum formula.

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    Bis tv on Atlantic bird, telecom, bis TV, panorama, basic, cinema, sport, sport bein

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